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Vision 2025


The aim of DEKRA is to protect people, assets and communities by providing comprehensive testing, inspection, certification and consulting services worldwide.

While DEKRA Industrial RSA can call on the expertise of our parent company in Europe — who enjoys 96 years of experience in NDT and inspections and has been ensuring safety since it was founded in 1925 — we are also very proud of our South African origins and track record.

Established 36 years ago in 1984, DEKRA Industrial was previously Raysonics, an industry leader with a proven track record in NDT. In 2013, DEKRA Global acquired Raysonics, officially changing the name to DEKRA Industrial RSA in 2014.

Globally, the Group made a promise in 2015 – the year of our 90th birthday – where we pledged that within the following 10 years we would set a strategic path to be skilled experts in creating increased safety across all the key areas of life, on the road, at work and at home. By our 100th birthday, our vision of being ‘the global partner for a safe world’ should become reality.

Countdown to the DEKRA Vision 2025 launch!

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Our Mission

Our mission is clearly defined: We ensure safety by the integration of:

  • Technology and equipment
  • Standards and practices
  • Mindset and behavior

Our Corporate Principles

The seven corporate principles that help us to implement our vision are:

  • Economic success
  • Growth
  • Customer focus
  • Globalisation
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • People focus

Employee Values

Our people values serve as guidelines for the day-to-day behaviour of all DEKRA employees. These include:

  • Responsibility for safety
  • Customer focus
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team spirit
  • Integrity